IPAAS Chat Live

At IPAAS we believe and maintain that the Chatbot covers only some questions and at times it does not reach the answer that customers are looking for.


IPAAS Live Chat Covers that need, where the Client can access to speak live and directly with an operator through the website from a computer such as a smartphone or tablet, there are no limits.


Live direct platform

Customers can access through a link or access on the company's website to have contact with an operator by Telepresence , in this way a link is generated between both points creating a web video call.


Benefits of
Chat Live IPAAS

  • The Client can see a real person live for inquiries.

  • Avoid bad comments on social networks.

  • Improvement in quality of care.

  • Improve the Image of your company.

  • Create a better customer service experience.

  • Solve cases live.

  • Generation of a new service channel.

  • Operators connected from anywhere in the world.