Improve Customer Experience

In iPaas we work very hard in the final reception of the client or user, reaching

to unify by omnichannel all the points of attention of each company with its client.


From a simple tablet to a live service totem with remote operators, iPaas creates a link between the brand and the user, thus generating a better experience for the end customer.

Customer experience

Our concept is simple, use a single channel to reach people and provide them with the service or products they expect.

Omnichannel is a well-known word but not yet widely implemented, at Intelligent Paas we manage to integrate communication channels with your customers in one place.


Virtual Attention

Our concept in virtual attention is designed so that the customer service personnel achieve face-to-face attention without being physically in the place of consultation, in this way we can improve the channel between client and company.

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Captura de Pantalla 2020-09-30 a la(s) 1

Digital Channels

Imagine that your contact center can be in the hands of your clients, achieving better service, improving analytics with the information collected from all integrated systems.