Governments and Municipalities

Ipaas integrates the solutions for the inhabitants in each country and location, improving the citizen experience and providing a tool to the municipalities for a better response in each sector, combining live service, technology and connectivity.

Government & Municipalities

We connect recreational areas from media and connection points as well as with applications destined to the service of the resident as a tourist in each city as a municipality.

We understand that people need immediate and efficient answers, giving them access to what they need most is another point of care for each citizen in each city.


Applications for
local use

Smart zone for each connection, the user can access their mobile app to let them know the benefits of the city or each municipality, create custom omnichannel for your visitors in rest areas.

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Captura de Pantalla 2020-10-06 a la(s) 1

Wifi hotspot

WiFi hotspot for areas that provides its inhabitants the possibility of using their devices outside the home, at no cost. In addition, you can have a connection portal to evaluate the profiles of each visitor when it comes to being connected to your network.