iPaas Live

Telepresence by WEB Site

We integrate customer service through websites, improving the web claims experience, with access for the customer from any device, speaking directly with an operator ...


iPaas Point

Point of sale &

Our platform for Point of Sale links both the local commerce and the showroom with the end customer, who communicates from digital totems or Mobile APPs ...

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iPaas Access Contact Center

Unified Platforms

We connect in a cloud web module the access of all the platforms used by the call center, with access to the creation of Troubleshooting panels for each service that is supported.


iPaas Go


We adapt the community to the different means of transport, our platforms offer scalability and integration between the different systems ...

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iPaas Client by Totems

Customer experience Totem

At Intelligent Paas we manage to integrate the communication channels with your customers with Omnichannel in one place ...


iPaas Services


Know your customers, how they behave when entering their channels, serve differently through virtual operators, achieving customer service satisfaction ...

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iPaas City

Government & Municipalities

We connect recreational areas from means and connection points as well as with applications destined to the service of the resident as a tourist in each city as a municipality ...


iPaas Check By Screens and Totems

Health By Totem and Leds

We integrate all platforms with medical history through Omnichannel, managing to obtain live information at the moment a doctor takes the call ...

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iPaas Visitor

Entry and Exit to Buildings

Control module over people, to enter buildings, locations, designed for the entry of visitors, suppliers, staff, check-in, access through a reader or automatically generated QR.

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iPad View


iPaas has Onmichannel integration between virtual security operators with local spaces, such as Shopping Malls, Security in Private Neighborhoods, Industrial Poles, Consortiums, Supplier Entry, among others ...