iPaas Connect People

Our platform is 100% cloud, iPaas is robust, implemented in AWS, with security, backup and scalable systems.

Your remote customer service will always be online.

iPaas has call statistics modules.

Integration with other systems from our API.

Simple to use, just with a browser you and your client are already connected by video call.

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iPaas has different modules and boards for managing and monitoring each day, they will be able to interact and know the level of attention at each customer service point, either through a totem pole or directly from the Website.

iPaas has the option of being able to integrate the system to its Mobile APP for its clients.

Through its own API, iPaas gives you the possibility to connect your statistics to your CRM dashboard or reporting platform.


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Operator Panel, has Sound call entry ! With this method, the same support can be with other activities than when a call is entered, it will receive a sound for a certain time alerting that there is a customer calling from a point of attention.


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The Operator will be able to enter a call ticket, attend and see his client live through a camera, the panel has the possibility of putting information about the place of entry of the call, map in case of being a Totem or Screen, such as Geolocation in case the client calls from a cell phone.

It has the possibility of attaching documentation to give the operator more tools.