Points of Sale / E-Commerce

iPaas offers the solution for your Point of Sale or E-Commerce Portal to have the live service experience, with real sellers and advisers, where without leaving the website or application the client can finish or define a purchase by an advisor.

Point of Sale & E-Commerce

Our Point of Sale platform links both the local trade and the showroom with the end customer, who communicates from Digital Totems or Mobile APPs.


Live direct sales platform

The concept links people with people, we innovate in personalized attention in a virtual way, where operators connected from the premises can speak and show the products to the connected customer from Digital Totems or Mobile Application.

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Benefits of direct purchase to another person without leaving the living

  • Avoid long lines and charges at the checkout counter.

  • Products live 24 hours a day.

  • Improvement in quality of care

  • The Customer can view the product before purchasing or speak to the operator live for inquiries.

  • Direct screen purchase confirming purchase and shipping information.