Physical Security Solution

Ipaas Seguridad is designed to reduce the cost and turnover of staff in buildings, countries, helping companies to have less turnover and shortages of staff, with iPaas Seguridad your staff controls more than 3 locations at the same time by a web being from anywhere in the world.


From a dedicated SECURITY portal, the operator will have the possibility to view more than 3 sites at the same time, with the possibility of interacting in case of emergency and providing advice to help people located at the security totem points.

SUPERVISORS will have a view of each totem located in different parts of the country, achieving a live mapping of all the totems and screens distributed in each site, with access to know which operator is connected live.

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Within the virtual operator platform, we add the scalability of the system, this gives us channels with all the platforms that the client has active at the time of contracting iPaas, using APIs or integrating the client's platforms through software.

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  • Reduces physical exposure of agents / operators.

  • Lower the contagions by being remotely in each site.

  • Lowers the probability of accidents at work sites.

  • Expand the ability to cover more locations with 1 operator.

  • Reduce staff turnover.

  • The client is protected 24 hours a day. Supervisors know who is online at each site.

  • Operators can be rotated location with a single click.

  • The Operator can work from the company or from anywhere in the country.

  • Statistics of each operator, hours, days, connected sites.

Designed for, Shopping Malls, Municipalities, Public Areas, Private Offices, Hotels, Private Neighborhoods, Industrial Poles, Consortia.