IPaas Features

Below we share all the characteristics of the platform, with information from the backend and from the operator side, we understand that iPaas meets the basic needs for customer service via remote and live, integrating innovation and creativity.

iPaas is 100% in the Cloud, Amazon AWS and all accesses are captured from the client side as well as from the operator, thus making communication faster, leaving the real connection on each side.


Sector Site / Location or Service Ports.

  • Site Name

  • Description

  • Total Site Statistics

  • Number of Service Ports per Site

  • Site Editing

  • Slide Banner Edition for Advertising

  • Management of Assigned Operators

  • Export to excel screen view

  • Screen View Copy

  • Finder and Filter

  • Paged


Sector - Operators Manager.

  • Creation of Operators

  • Modification

  • Operator Name View

  • Operator Monitoring

  • Finder and Filter

  • Paged


Sector - Call statistics

  • Initial dashboard with relevant information.

  • Name of Totems, Websites, Apps.

  • Call status

  • Operator who took call

  • Call Start and End Date

  • Call states:

  • Completed

  • Expired

  • No Operator


Operators screen.

  • Operator Status (OnLine / OffLine)

  • Queue calls

  • Audible alarm when incoming calls so that the operator is not on the screen all the time.

  • Video viewer for client by camera, starts when the operator attends.

  • Cargo ticket

  • Incoming calls with information from where the call comes, area and more info.

  • Links for other platforms


Sector Attention, Totems, Websites, Apps.

  • Name of Totems, Websites, Apps.

  • Description

  • Site / Location or Attention Mouth

  • Position

  • Status and Monitoring, Offline / Online

  • Action, Information Editing

  • Finder and Filter

  • Paged

  • Tickets

Integration with Other Platforms

  • Through API, iPaas can be integrated with any platform, taking all the information dumped from the system. CRM Dynamics, PowerBI among others.

  • iPaas has the characteristic of being a dynamic tool and we can grow the platform based on the client's requirement if necessary.