Services, Water, Electricity, Gas, Cable, Among Others ...

Optimize and lower your costs within buildings in customer service, no longer queues and waiting with shifts, reduce and improve the customer experience using virtual service, your customer service fleet can be expanded

venturing into touch screens or attention totems with real live operators on the other side of the screen from anywhere in the world.


The daily service must have support and permanent attention, from Intelligent Paas we propose innovation in person-to-person attention from anywhere in the world connected by a link and a camera.


Service companies such as WATER, ELECTRICITY, GAS, TELEPHONY, CABLE, INTERNET, among many others, can integrate omnichannel and intelligent channels to improve customer service and analyze each contact made.


Connected from anywhere with your customers

Get to know your customers, how they behave when entering their channels, serve differently through virtual operators, achieving customer service satisfaction.

A careful customer is a recommended service and responds to the good image for the company.