Smartphone Solution

Ipaas Smartphone is designed for live attention by all types of device, direct attention from a smartphone, through an APP or from an access in your current mobile application, adding access to personalized attention from the palm of your hand to your customers.

Validating by ID, user and password, your client can interact with your contact center or customer service center, the operator can be located anywhere in the world.

Contact from your hand

iPaas Smartphone allows users to interact with a customer service center that will provide guides and recommendations on a secure platform, through a live video call.


During the orientation you will be able to resolve doubts on issues related to the consultation and the operator will have the possibility to upload information while advising the client live, the video call service will always have to be covered by a login validating the identity of the person who is calling as the contact that attends.



iPaas Smartphone will have an integration setup with the database through APIS to validate clients, it has the possibility of generating categories by service departments, and seeing live the number of connected operators.



  • Reduces physical exposure of agents / operators.

  • Lower contagions by being remotely at each site.

  • Expands regional service capacity, counting on resources from other provinces without local offices.

  • The client is connected 24 hours a day (if the company wishes).

  • Supervisors know who is online at each site.

  • They can rotate the category of care to operators with a single click.

  • The Operator can work from the company or from anywhere in the country.

  • Statistics of each operator, hours, days, connected sites.

Designed for, Service Companies, Shopping Malls, Municipalities, Public Areas, Private Offices, Hotels, Private Neighborhoods, Industrial Poles, Consortia.