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Create experiences
of video by 

Use iPaas Video for any time
of the customer experience.

Serve your customers from anywhere in the world and from any device, 

Multimedia Kiosk, Totem, Tablet, iPad, Android or Apple Smartphones.!

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Digital billboard

Guests and Delivery

Case of success

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Integrated Messages

Boost your comments on social networks.

Respond to all queries on your service channels, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among other apps with a bot or live customer service center simultaneously.

Improve your customer service with our platform.

Integrated Messages

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Omnichannel in a single tab.

iPaas integrates all service channels, 100% proprietary cloud platform.  

Designed for all niches, Commercial Sector, Financial, Health, Hospitality, Industry, Governments, among others.