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In iPaas we have the integration into a solution of what is necessary for the entry of suppliers to companies, both daily and occasional.

Live attention through screens and totems, scanning by QR or barcodes, Integration with facial recognition or thermographic cameras.


iPaas Providers, integrates in a single device all the characteristics, the limit is set by the client.

Entry and Exit in Buildings

Control module over people, to enter buildings, locations, designed for the entry of visitors, suppliers, staff, check-in, access through a reader or automatically generated QR.

Unification through Omnichannel with all entry and exit systems.

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  • Gateway Telepresence.

  • Dynamic access.

  • QR Scan

  • Scan DNI

  • Ability to speak with staff live by Telepresence.

  • Operator access from anywhere.

  • Continuous monitor

  • ART Validation.

  • Vehicle Patent Scan.

  • Print receipts.

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  • Generation of QR for visits through integrated system.

  • 100% web and mobile portal.

  • QR Scan.

  • Telepresence of Operators to welcome the visit.

  • Control of garages.

  • Exit validation.

  • Management and statistics panel.